Our Services

At Lifetime Brokerage, we are committed to providing an elevated experience for you and your clients. We realize that no two financial services practices are alike; therefore, we take thoughtful steps to offer a customized approach that aligns with your business model and sales objectives. We offer:

  • One-on-one product training
  • Knowledge and experience in advanced uses of disability and life insurance
  • Case design and preparation
  • Prompt, effective underwriting
  • Competition support
  • Assistance with client meetings
  • Application and policy placement support
  • Reconsideration for impaired risk cases
  • Continuing education credit offerings
  • Producer recognition programs

We also understand that competitive products and case support are critical to your business, but we believe that having the ability to market those products professionally is important, too. Feel free to contact us for assistance with our library of marketing materials, which includes:

  • Imprintable flyers and pre-approach letters
  • Employee payroll stuffers and mailers
  • Third party article reprints
  • Consumer brochures and presentations

and so much more...